Coaching unlocks the potential of individuals and teams, by partnering with you in reaching for your goals. Together, we get you “unstuck” & identify what works well for YOU. We help you amplify your positive impact, with purpose, resilience & clarity.




Executives, emerging leaders, and individuals interested in personal growth.



Together we create and pursue a coaching path to fit your situation and unique needs. Through a series of guided conversations, we explore insights and identify meaningful and highly actionable solutions.

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Waypoint Acuity works with your talent to identify and leverage their individual strengths, self-awareness, values and communication styles.  As an accredited/certified practitioner of Insights Discovery®, MBTI® and a member of CAPA Pro (Patrick Lencioni’s affiliate network), we provide access to the latest tools and techniques for building a cohesive, agile team capable of tackling your most challenging business obstacles.


Introducing our new coaching program for scientists! We’re creating a small group of scientists working in a corporate environment, to explore topics for self-development. Each participant will have the ability to learn what works well for them, in their unique situation, while building on the experiences of others. Keeping the group small makes for a comfortable space, where we can easily connect and leverage this built-in support network. Join us!

Learn how coaching can bring out the best in you and your team.