Who We Are

Waypoint Acuity is a boutique consulting firm committed to delivering straightforward and personalized business solutions to the challenges you face. We believe that today’s companies are hampered by a deluge of data and not enough time to connect the dots. We’re here to help make the most of your time and focus on healthy growth to achieve your strategic vision.

A Note from Our Founder

A Note from Our Founder

I love a challenge. This is my guidepost. I realized it when I opted to build a consulting firm six years ago, rather than work within one company… when I identified my best clients as entrepreneurs from companies of all sizes… and when I thought about what makes me energized and ready to jump in. Complex challenges. The messier, the better.

When starting my firm, I was told to pick one skill that defines my value. I asked myself — am I a scientist or a business person? Am I a leader or someone who prefers to roll up her sleeves and get it done herself? Am I focused on expediting new products to market or coaching teams to higher performance? Yes, all of the above. I’m an executive who enjoys using my broad experience from my roles with companies like Johnson & Johnson and Allergan, as well as start-up expertise. Distilling that experience to one facet would miss the point. The best value I can provide combines the technical side with the human side. Objective facts with culture and vision.

Our approach with clients is an expertise-based facilitation:


We partner with executives to understand the challenges they face, typically related to rapid growth.


We identify patterns and explore root causes, so we can create effective strategies and a clear action plan.


We base the plan on our experience in areas such as project management, finance/business development, and strategic planning.


And finally, we set the plan in motion together, to ensure we achieve success as defined by the client. We encourage the same practice for clients, whether it’s as a collaborative practice with their management teams, encouraging cross-functional project teams, or providing better service with corporate partners or customers.

As Waypoint Acuity evolves, we continue to focus on just a few clients at a time, working primarily on referral. We keep our multi-cultural skills sharp, working with clients in the US, Latin America, EU and AsiaPac. We have conversations about authenticity, courage and integrity, mentoring others to find their voice. We champion a client environment in which employees match their high achievement with a strong sense of purpose, to ensure their work is a meaningful experience.

We love what we do. Let’s talk.

Tracy Colahan

Founder & CEO

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